Where Does Taylor Hall Fit With the Maple Leafs?

Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall



It is officially trade season in the NHL. The NHL Trade Deadline is approaching on Monday and teams are making moves in preparation. We have already seen Kyle Palmieri get shipped to the Islanders from the Devils. He was probably the most sought out forward on the trade market, but there are plenty of options. One team that should be really active on deadline day is the Toronto Maple Leafs. There is one player that would fit in perfectly on this team for a playoff run. That player is Taylor Hall.

Toronto is already making big-time moves to prepare for Monday. This move didn’t make much sense to fans at first, but it is a genius move by Kyle Dubas. The Maple Leafs acquired Riley Nash from the Blue Jackets for a conditional seventh-round pick. The kicker with this deal is that Nash is on the LTIR for at least 4-6 weeks. This still means he can return for the playoffs when he is healthy. This is a genius move because the Leafs now save around $7 million to make a move at the deadline. Insert Taylor Hall to the Maple Leafs rumors everywhere.



Pros and Cons In Acquiring Taylor Hall

There are many emotions with aquiring a player with the resume of Taylor Hall. Hall was the first overall pick by Edmonton back in 2010. He clearly has the skill set to be a top-six forward on any team. He has explosive speed as well as a great wrist shot. Hall knows how to deke past a goalie in tight. You stick Hall with teammates with as much skill as Matthews or Marner, he is bound to produce at an alarming rate.

There is a lot of downside with Taylor Hall as well. Teams need to keep in mind that Hall is on his third team in two seasons and is back on the trade block. He was with New Jersey and Arizona last year and took a gamble on himself with Buffalo this year. Taylor Hall has two goals this season on a depleted Buffalo team. While Buffalo isn’t exactly an explosive team on offense, Hall should be able to produce on his own to help the team around him. He hasn’t proved that this season and that’s why his value is lower than expected.


Where Does Hall Fit in the Maple Leafs Lineup?

If you are going to acquire a player like Taylor Hall, you need to know where he fits in the lineup. The Toronto Maple Leafs have such a deep roster that it is tricky to find the perfect spot for Taylor Hall. With the amount of skill Hall has, he seems like he could be a perfect fit with John Tavares. Tavares hasn’t had one of his greater seasons this year, but he is still a fantastic hockey player. A second line of Taylor Hall, John Tavares, and maybe William Nylander could be a deadly line come playoff time.

If needed, Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner can take him on his wing on the first line. That may kill the balance of the team, but it is certainly an option if the lines need to be shuffled. Hall is a perfect fit for the top-six on the Maple Leafs. If Toronto can strike a deal with Buffalo, this team will certainly be a scary team in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.



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