Where Will Zach Parise and Ryan Suter Land?

Ryan Suter

Ryan Suter and Zach Parise



This past week in the NHL has been crazy. With the expansion draft for the Seattle Kraken coming up, teams are making moves. This includes the Minnesota Wild. Back in the summer of 2012, they made headlines all over the world. This was because of the mega contracts that were handed out to Ryan Suter and Zach Parise.

The contracts were one of a kind and shifted what contracts look like today. Both contracts were identical at 13 years and $98 million. At the time, it seemed like the contracts would make the Minnesota Wild an instant contender for the Stanley Cup. As it turned out, the contracts would be a total pain to carry as the production has not matched the value of each contract. The Wild seem to have had enough and have bought out the remaining years of both contracts.



This will be a huge damper on the Wild over the next eight seasons but seemed to be the most logical solution for the situation. It seems like this was done for the sake of protecting certain players from Seattle. With the buyout, each player will hit free agency. Where will these two end up signing?


Ryan Suter

Ryan Suter is still a very valuable defenseman. His production may have tapered over the years, but he is still reliable in his own zone. There are a lot of teams that need a veteran, left-shot defenseman. A couple of teams in mind that are potential suitors are teams like Boston, Toronto, Edmonton, or even Florida.

Boston is in desperate need of defensive help. The playoffs exposed their defensive struggles this year and their left side is lacking depth. Toronto is clearly in need of all teh help they can get. Even though Edmonton just acquired Duncan Keith, they can still use some defensive help. With Oscar Kelfbom possibly out this season once again, their left side could use some help. Florida just bought out Keith Yandle, so their left side is a little shallow right now too. Wherever he ends up signing, that team will get an instant upgrade.



Zach Parise

Zach Parise is a different style player than Ryan Suter. He is tenacious in front of the opposing team’s net. Parise still has a lot of skill to his game. He isn’t the same player he was in New Jersey, but for sure is a valuable asset to any team. A team that could use his presence is a team like Philadelphia or the Islanders.

I would put a lot of thought into a potential reunion with Lou Lamoriello in Long Island. Remember when the Islanders almost acquired Parise last season at the deadline? Now they can get his services for free. With Kyle Palmieri on his way out of New York, Parise could be a great addition to the bottom six. He still has the skills to be in the top six too so there is wiggle room for the Islanders.



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