Who Won the Jack Eichel Trade?

jack eichel trade


Ladies and gentlemen, it has finally happened. After what has felt like five years of Jach Eichel trade rumors we finally have a confirmed trade. During the night the Buffalo Sabres and the Vegas Golden Knights came to an agreement which saw Jack Eichel going to Vegas. A 2023 3rd round pick is also going to Vegas. The return for the Sabres consists of Alex Tuch, Peyton Krebs, a 2022 1st round pick, and a 2023 2nd round pick.

What Vegas Got

Vegas seems to be the immediate winners of the deal because they got the best player in the deal. Jack Eichel has spent six years in the league and still has 5 years left on his current deal. In 375 NHL games, he has tallied 355 points and he has yet to see playoff hockey. In his new home, he joins a team that has made the playoffs in all four years of the team’s existence. The former 2nd overall pick is one of the best centers in the game when fully healthy and once he comes back this will look like an absolute steal for Vegas.

What Buffalo Got

The first piece the Sabres got is proven NHL forward Alex Tuch. Tuch has spent 5 years in the league with the majority of time being in Vegas. He has played 255 NHL games and has tallied 139 points. Tuch was drafted by the Minnesota Wild in the 1st round of the 2014 draft. He is currently on the IR as he is recovering from a shoulder surgery he had over the summer. He is under contract for the next four years following this season, and at the young age of 25 Tuch is a nice building piece for the Sabres top 6 forward group.

The second player that the Sabres got is Peyton Krebs. Krebs is also a former first-round pick from the 2019 NHL draft. He made his debut with the Golden Knights last season appearing in four games. This season he has played nine games and had yet to record a point. However, Krebs has been the Knights’ most coveted prospect for some time. Krebs was also at one point deemed untouchable in any trade. Krebs is only 20 and has a long career ahead of him He should also be someone who turns into a consistent top 6 forward.

When it comes to the draft picks, it makes no sense. The first-round pick that the Sabres get is a top 10 protected pick for this season. That is really stupid on their part. They also get a second-round pick the year after. What doesn’t make sense is why the Sabres sent a 3rd round pick to Vegas. A lot of questionable decisions in this trade for Buffalo, but I mean we all had to expect it.

The Real Winner

In all honesty, Jack Eichel is the real winner in this trade. Not because he gets to leave the dumpster fire that is the Buffalo Sabres. And not because he is joining a Stanley Cup Contender. It is because now he is able to get the surgery that he wants to get. The Sabres would not let him get an artificial disk replacement and wanted him to get fusion surgery. The conflict between the Sabres and Eichel’s camp is why Eichel has still not yet had the surgery he needs. But now that he is free from Buffalo he can get the disk replacement surgery that he wants and will hopefully return to the Knights lineup sooner rather than later.

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