Why A Deshaun Watson For Tua Tagovailoa Trade Makes A Ton Of Sense




Pro Football Talk dropped an absolute bomb of a story in the NFL world today, reporting that Houston Texans star QB Deshaun Watson would accept a trade to the Miami Dolphins.  Everyone in the NFL world knows that the Miami Dolphins spent one whole season trying to tank for Tua, and when they stepped up to the podium and drafted him, the plan seemed complete. The Miami Dolphins had got their guy. So, after a 10 win season, one would never expect your team to move its QB, but you also would never expect a player like Deshaun Watson to become available.

Deshaun Watson has asked to be traded following the hiring of new General Manager Nick Caserio. This decision has nothing to do with Caserio personally, but his hiring has lead Watson and the Texans to this point. Deshaun Watson was told by ownership that they would consult with the star QB on who they would be hiring to fill the position. Like most of us, we learned of Caserio’s hiring on Twitter…So did Watson, and that’s why he wants the fuck out of there.

Now just one year removed from selecting Tua Tagovailoa and a 10 win season later, why would the Dolphins acquire Watson? Well, that answer is straightforward. Watson is a better QB today than Tua will ever develop into. That may seem a bit premature, which is not intended to be offensive to Tua or any of his supporters, but Deshaun Watson is one of the elite QBs in this game.  Not trading for Deshaun Watson because you have Tua Tagovailoa would be like rejecting a winning lottery ticket because you just got paid from your job. It makes no sense. With the Defense Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has put together in south beach, adding Watson to lead that team instantly makes them contenders for the AFC.

The Miami Dolphins also have the Texan’s first, and second-round draft picks in this year’s draft after the trade of LT Laremy Tunsil before last season. This trade has really bitten the Texans on the ass. If they are forced to move, Watson recouping the Dolphins’ picks along with Tua is probably the best move they could make.

There is no question that Florio’s report today was intentionally done by the Watson camp, and it would seem we have the first preferred destination for the superstar QB. If you have to lose a guy like Watson getting Tua and a boatload of draft picks might be the best deal on the table. Hold on to your hats. This story isn’t going anywhere and will surely dominate the headlines for the entire offseason.



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